Frequently asked questions:

How is the brand appeal of a Country measured in the Digital world?
By analyzing the "searches" relating to 5 specific Dimensions for any given Country. These Dimensions are:
1. Tourism
2. Talent
3. Investment
4. Exports
5. National Prominence
Why these 5 Dimensions and not others?
These Dimensions come from the Bloom Consulting Brand Wheel. They are the factors that define and influence Country Branding the most either from a transactional point of view (such as receipts) or from a non-transactional point of view (such as Prominence) according to Bloom Consulting’s research.
Why is “searching” such an important indicator of a Country’s real brand appeal?
Nowadays, the primary way of searching for information is by way of a “search engine”. The “act of searching” can be triggered by any number of things including something one may have read in a newspaper, heard in a conversation or out of simple curiosity.
“Searches” represent the true level of interest in a Country, and therefore demonstrate a Country’s genuine appeal.
If measured, “searches” can also highlight the interests one may have with regard to any specific Country.
How can Countries benefit from the Index?
Countries can benefit from the Index by understanding what motivates a person’s initial interest in their Country and whether that interest is aligned with reality.
This information can help governments make informed strategic decisions regarding their past, current and future strategy. In other words, the Index aids organizational forecasting. This data can be measured and monitored constantly, which provides the opportunity to analyze changes over time.
How is the Digital Country Index compiled?
Bloom Consulting uses a proprietary tool called the Digital Demand - D2© that gathers and measures all possible keyword combinations and searches performed for any Country worldwide. This Big Data is filtered according to:
1 - Topics or keywords searched (Brandtags)
2 - Nationality (Country of origin)
3 - Time of year (Month)
How many languages are covered?
9 different languages:English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German, Chinese, Japanese and Russian
Can all of this information be found using public search engines?
Yes; however, it is very difficult to access this information using tools from search engines, since the information available is either a simple overview or very fragmented. That is why the information needs to be filtered using qualitative interpretation.
Bloom Consulting has over a decade of experience in Country Branding. It can therefore offer a unique insight into the Digital Country Index. We have used our expertise to interpret the data provided by our Digital Demand software, as well as to create the most accurate Index for the Digital appeal of all Countries worldwide.
Who made the Digital Country Index?
Bloom Consulting provides the qualitative input, while Digital Demand - D2© provides the quantitative input. Bloom Consulting is an international firm specialized in Nation Branding and Place Branding. Today, the firm’s headquarters are based in Madrid, Spain. Since 2003, Bloom Consulting has developed Nation Brand, City Brand and Place Brand strategies for clients across Africa, Europe, Latin America and the U.S.A.

Bloom Consulting annually publishes the Bloom Consulting Country Brand Ranking© for Trade and Tourism. The Ranking analyzes the brand performance of 180 Countries and territories worldwide and proudly collaborates with the World Economic Forum as a data partner.

More information on Bloom Consulting available HERE

Digital Demand - D2© is a Software that gathers and analyzes the total amount of "searches" performed by global citizens worldwide for any Country, Region or City. Specifically 1 - Business people, 2 - Foreign investors, 3 - Tourists, 4 - Workforce and 5 - General citizens. Therefore, this software measures the appeal of any given Country, Region or City for Export, Investment, Tourism, Talent or Prominence (general interest) purposes.

More information on Digital Demand - D2© available HERE